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Movie Overview

    Interview with a Hitman is a 2012 British activity film composed and coordinated by Perry Bhandal. The film recounts the narrative of Viktor (Luke Goss), an expert Romanian hitman who consents to recount his story to a disrespected film executive edgy to find a novel story that will assist him with modifying his vocation. Viktor (Luke Goss) is an expert professional killer. The film is told utilizing flashbacks as a part of which Viktor discloses to a disrespected movie producer how he turned into an expert professional killer. He begins his story with his adolescence; he was brought up in a ghetto territory in a peripheral locale of Bucharest, Romania.He is being undermined by two youthful neighborhood spooks, whom he owed cash to, and Viktor’s dad is likewise being debilitated by a nearby mafia. He, without even a second’s pause, chooses to bring up a vocation with the neighborhood mafia, not to pay off his dad’s obligation, but rather basically to escape his own destiny. Sergei, the neighborhood mafia lieutenant takes him in after he demonstrates his guts. He returns home where he witnesses his dad mishandling his mom. Before long; his dad is killed despite the fact that he tries to pay off his obligation to the neighborhood mafia, and the cash is come back to Victor’s mom. In his first task, Viktor is sent to gather cash owed to the mafia however the man puts down the youthful chap and pays with his life.

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    • Movie Name    :     Interview with a Hitman (2012)
    • Movie Size       :     794 MB
    • Movie Quality   :    720p HD
    • Movie Type      :     Action, Thriller


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Interview with a Hitman Movie 720p HD Download

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