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    Black Rain is a 1989 American activity thriller film coordinated by Ridley Scott, featuring Michael Douglas, Andy García, Ken Takakura, Kate Capshaw and Yusaku Matsuda. Scratch Conklin (Michael Douglas) is a New York City cop confronting conceivable criminal accusations; Internal Affairs accepts Nick was included with his accomplice who was found taking criminal cash in a debasement embarrassment. Scratch is separated from his wife, who has authority of their two youngsters. Scratch likewise has monetary difficulties.While having a beverage at a nearby Italian restaurant, Nick and his accomplice Charlie Vincent (Andy García) watch two Japanese men having what gives off an impression of being an amicable lunch with some Mafia criminals.Scratch is progressively suspicious of the gathering until another Japanese man enters the restaurant with a few equipped cohorts and grabs a little bundle at gunpoint from the pioneer of the Japanese bunch. He then slices the man’s throat, cuts another in the midsection, and after that exits. Scratch and Charlie pursue and capture the suspect after he about murders Nick.The suspect ends up being a Yakuza criminal by the name of Sato (Yusaku Matsuda). Sato is to be removed to Osaka and given to the police there. Scratch is irate that Sato won’t be striven for homicide in the United States, yet consents to escort him to Japan. Scratch’s skipper additionally has a ulterior rationale in sending Nick abroad, supposing it will keep Nick from bringing about more inconvenience and fueling the officially one-sided Internal Affairs examination.

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